Wednesday, April 21, 2010

feeding my creative spirit

Lately it seems like my weekends (and weeks) are super busy. It was wonderful when this past Saturday I had a pretty open day and had a chance to try out some projects that I have been waiting to get my hands on.

To start my list-Fabric seems like EVERYONE is making these! I was inspired by an Ann Taylor headband I got in January...then it seemed like every store known to man was popping up with these precious little embellishments! I decided to start out with making a necklace...

Supplies- Some cute fabric, craft glue, and scissors

Then cut about a 2 inch piece of fabric (about 2 feet long)

Tie a knot at then end of your fabric to start the center of your rose

After your knot then you gradually twist the fabric (tightly)
around the center until
you have a cute little rosette...

then pick a color of ribbon and use fabric glue
to attach it to the back of your rosettes...

make sure and let it completely dry before wearing

then you have a cute little necklace
(sorry for the bad photographer husband was at work!)

Hope this inspires you to do something crafty(or whatever you like to do for "me time").

Coming next.....aprons!

Hope everyone had a wonderful Wednesday!

T-minus 4 days until TAKS (Hallelujah)!

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